A new wave of freshness welcome you as you enter the premises of KROME CITROENA. A gurgling water fountain with lemon tree groves and lemon yellow flowers add a spray of freshness to the project.

Add a new twist of life, as you enter the world of citrus freshness. Watch the 3 mesmerizing towers that include 3/2 1/2 BHKD terrace condominiums standing in solidarity against the blue skies. All condominiums are architecturally inplace to give a garden view from all the rooms.

The essence of clean, birghtness and freshness of a luscious lemon anre sprayed across the project to install a new sense of liveliness at KROME CITRONENA. As you walk in, the green veils across the balconies wave at you with freshess and invite you onto the lush lawns with courtyards and plants lacing the driveway. A streak of lemon yellow,a strip of bright green and a splash of orange, make the over all project and each of the individual elevations look like an artist's creation.
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